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Airdrie Public Library Launches Fundraising Campaign: “Stuff the Stacks!”

Airdrie, AB – The start of 2024 marks the launch of the Airdrie Public Library’s ambitious $1.5 million fundraising campaign led by Keill & Co. Inc. of Edmonton. The Stuff the Stacks goal is to expand the library’s collection of titles and resources to fill the new facility space when it opens in 2025.


“We are excited to get our campaign out to Airdronians and invite all individuals, families, and companies from across our community to participate in this exciting endeavour,” said Deb Cryderman, the Airdrie Public Library Director. “We hope to double the resources available to our rapidly growing community. Our $1.5 million goal will allow us to add 80,000 new holdings to our collection of materials and resources, with every $20 gift equalling one item added to our collection. Our hope is that donors will join in to help us achieve our goal – and we are already halfway there!”


To date, the campaign has raised nearly $800,000 toward the library’s goal but now is the time to invite everyone from the region to participate. The expansion of the collection comes as Airdrie Public Library prepares for the move into its new, 53,000 sq ft space in 2025. Expanding the collection to fit the growing needs of the community will ensure greater access to resources and support for residents of Airdrie and the surrounding communities.


The campaign already has momentum behind it, with corporate sponsors and individual advocates stepping up.


“We are thrilled that we are kicking off the fundraising campaign publicly with commitments from dedicated library supporters including WestMark, Vitreous Glass, Qualico and the Knights of Rizal Airdrie Chapter. We are also seeing so many members of our community, ambassadors for the Airdrie Public Library, connecting with us to learn more about getting involved,” said Daniel Nelles, Chair of the Airdrie Public Library Board.


In the coming weeks and months, Keill and the library team will be engaging with the community to keep the momentum growing towards the $1.5 million Stuff the Stacks goal. Members of the community interested in supporting the library can donate online at our fundraising campaign website,, or at the library itself. Even small donations have a significant impact: every $20 donation helps the library secure one new item to add to the 80,000 needed.


“We know there are a lot of pressure on the pocketbook these days, but a $20, $50, $100 donation represents an investment in the local community. We are already seeing a response from Airdrie residents, and we are excited to keep the energy moving us forward,” said Nelles.






“Supporting the creation of a new library in Airdrie isn't just about books; it's about sparking ideas and exploring them together. When we donate, we're not only funding a building; we're fueling inspiration. It's our way of giving back to a community that means so much to us, and keeping Airdrie a community where curiosity and learning can thrive.”

~ Paul Gerla, Vice President, WestMark Holdings


Vitreous Glass


"Supporting our library is an investment in our community's heart and soul. Libraries are more than just buildings; they are the meeting place where people from all walks of life gather, a boundless source of knowledge and resources, and a vibrant space where learning and fun intersect.”

~ Darcy Forbes, VP & COO Vitreous Glass Inc.


Qualico Communities


“The vibrancy of the City of Airdrie and its growth make it an attractive place to work, live, play, and connect. Qualico Communities Calgary is delighted to partner with Airdrie Public Library on

this exciting chapter opening a new facility where all residents can congregate and have the opportunity for lifelong learning. We look forward to contributing to the City and Library’s

growth with our new community of Vantage Rise, launching in 2024.”

~ Thilo Kaufmann, Vice President, Qualico Communities


Knights of Rizal Airdrie Chapter


“The new library project is a great opportunity for the Knights of Rizal to introduce itself to the Airdrie Community.  The development of the library is a very important part of what the Knights of Rizal stands for - Education. This is an amazing way to support, inspire and unite the multicultural diversity that Airdrie is all about.”

            ~ Jay Raymundo, Chapter Chancellor, Knights of Rizal Airdrie Chapter


For more information about donating, contact:

Jamie Moorhouse

Fund Development/Website Administrator

403.948.0600 x 8386

For more information about significant donations and naming rights, contact:

Catherine Keill/Keill & Co. Inc.

Chief Eternal Optimist (CEO) & Chief /Cell: 780 690 5283


To arrange an interview with the Library Director, Deb Cryderman, contact:

Wyatt Tremblay

Communications Co-ordinator

Wyatt.tremblay@airdriepubliclibrary.ca403.948.0600 x 8374

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