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Libraries Are About More Than Books!

“I cannot even begin to express the impact that the Airdrie Public Library has had on my family. [When we moved to Airdrie] I had a baby and a toddler. One of the very first stops we made was to the library. I immediately registered us for a class and we have been going at least once a week since then. Our family has grown to 4 kids now and each of my kids has attended multiple programs both at the library and library hosted events in the community. My now 6 year old is the library’s biggest fan; he cried when it was announced the library would be closing down during the COVID pandemic. It was the only shut down that directly affected his life and he was crushed. We of course continued our classes via zoom. All 4 of my kids have experienced such kindness and support from the library, from finding the perfect book to learning songs and crafts. The programs offered are amazing and the teachers are exceptional. There is stuff to keep my kids entertained and engaged even as they grow. My kids are ages 10, 8, 6 & 4 and all have participated in a program this year whether it was a one off like the ghostbusters or a registered weekly program like creative hands and minds. We have never been disappointed with a class or a visit to the library! It is such a blessing to live in a city with such a great library! "

- Ainsley Ross, Airdrie Resident and Library Lover

2022 Community Impact Measurements.

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